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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Help for Typhoon Frank's Calamity Victims

So we have a typhoon hitting the Philippines since yesterday. That’s typhoon Frank. The storm mostly damaged the Visayas region - the Eastern Visayas part. If you’re just at home just like me, it would be nice to allot time for charity. Especially in this situations when our fellow pinoys are in deep flood and hunger.

As of now, we have 21 people dead and 700 missing. In the waters of Sibuyan Island, we have a passenger ferry carrying 600 plus people that sank due to the bad weather condition.

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One advantage of working from home is that you have more time. Make the quantity of time in your hands turn to quality time. Use it for a good purpose. If you wish to help, our media organizations are spearheading outreach campaigns. You may contact ABS-CBN Foundation, of GMA7.

Instead of watching the flood rise in Metro Manila on TV, here are some ways to help out during calamities:

Note: Be sure to do this when the weather is more forgiving in your area, lest you get uncooperative neighbors. Hehe.

  1. Call your neighbors and ask for help in launching this calamity-outreach campaign
  2. Distribute flyers, do the rounds within your village.
  3. Collect canned goods, clothes, medicines, and other things needed during a storm
  4. If possible, involve your baranggay unit officers, or your parish to have more hands to help out.
  5. Contact the media organizations, civil groups, or even the government agencies in your locale that are prepared to distribute the goods to the calamity victims.

Having more time in your hands is an opportunity to help. Make a difference today.

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