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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Work at Home Jobs for Moms in the Philippines

More and more women are shying away from the 1990's version of the working mom to the 2000 version of the work-at-home-mom - now fondly called as WAHM. Being a creative-compulsive junkie like me, I can honestly say that I am not 'cut' for the corporate world. One day when I become a mom, I'd definitely aim to achieve financial independence coupled with success in family life by opting to be a work at home mom (yeah, WAHM).

I've copied top 10 tips on how to become a WAHM. There are many opportunities to try really. The thing is, the required skills/knowledge or resources are unknown to most aspiring WAHMs. So here goes the must-have's:
1. A reliable and updated computer complete with a headset,webcam, and printer.

I personally favor the use of a laptop/notebook for mobility. As a mom, you can't really stay on one place to work all the time because your kids can be everywhere.

2. A stable and fast Internet connection. DSL or cable modem are the best options.

Be sure to get an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides fast service in case of Internet connection problems. You might lose some homebased online jobs you have if you fail to report to work because you don't have an access to the Internet.

3. Latest version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and Adobe.

4. A phone line for your homebased call center. You should also have Skype or Yahoo Messenger accounts so you can have the ability to call overseas/long distance.

5. Basic computer skills. Being Internet savvy helps a lot.

6. A business email address.

7. Education ranging from secondary to college.

8. Networking or "People" skills.

This will get you ahead of the competition. If you are very good in networking you'll be rewarded by receiving leads and referrals from people with whom you are connected.

9. Willingness to learn.

10. Time-management skills.
To give you some freebies, check out these sites that post several and well-chosen work at home opportunities for moms. These are well updated too :)

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