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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tips on Starting your own Small Business

Many of us would like to be entrepreneurs in our own right. Whether the motivation comes from contributing something to the community, or to earn additional stable income, going into a business usually starts small.

Small businesses today thrive more than ever now. Government and other private sectors help individuals live the “entrepreneur dream” by providing financial assistance for capital or business expansion.

To help you out in starting your own small business, follow some of these tips:

Study your niche very well.
It takes time and energy to study, research, observe, and survey the niche you are targeting to hop into. Check all the players in that market. Who are the major ones? Who is your direct competitor? See if you still have a place to do business. It is good to know that the pie is big for everyone.

Know your passion.
Most successful businesses are strongly, emotionally related to its owner. Know your passion well and capitalize on it. If you are to do business, it will be an easier job for you if it is your passion. If your heart is into it, the job is not work but a pleasurable thing to do.

Pool the necessary resources.
Finding funding help can be a little challenging if you are not financially prepared. While credit is a good thing to take when investing for a business, it is recommended that you have your own savings or cash to chip in. There are many institutions out there that offer easy terms of payment and low interest for a start-up business.

Think of the manpower that you will need.
Most start-up businesses are family businesses. It is nice to have some support from family members in running your enterprise, but you should also compensate them for their share. There are both advantages and disadvantages of including family in your labor force. The tip is to really think about what will be cost-efficient, and productive for your business. Think reliability, as well.

Check for buyers and suppliers.
This is critical in doing business. In choosing a supplier, look for the one that can give you the lowest operating expenses. Get service quotes and buyer quotes, as well. Know who your buyers really are, too. Think of your audience.

These are just some of the few tips you can follow. Seminars and trainings are also helpful to attend when you are going to start your own small business. Remember, big things start from small beginnings.

Taken from various Article sites. 
Written by Bizman2008

Paid Surveys at Home for Extra Cash

Have you tried doing paid surveys at home? It's a great way to earn extra cash for the holidays!

What's even better is that you don't need to do OT (overtime work), or consume yourself with road traffic as you go to work. You can simply do this at home, in front of your computer. and voila! You earn the bucks ($$!)

Here's an article from a paidsurvey site that you can try:

Online paid surveys are a great way to earn some extra cash by answering questions about things you know or things you want to know about.

The increasing number of people is involving into the internet paid surveys and is making some extra money by taking some surveys. These people spend little time on it every day but earn a good income. Do you want to become one of them? If you decide to join in, you should know a few points first to make more money.

One thing to consider is you should know that you can make money involving online paid survey business, but there are some fraud programs which attempt to steal your personal information and cheat your money. You should keep enough alert to not trap into these programs. You have to make sure that if you decide on something you have to consider the conditions of it. 

Thus, paid surveys are completely random and anyone can do them, companies can get a more honest opinion on their product from people of all different backgrounds. It is generally provided by a middle company specializing in surveys. Paid survey will email you update on new surveys to take.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Business in the Internet

Following the recent SEMCON 2008 (Search Engine Marketing Conference 2008) in the Philippines, I was surprised to find out that business owners have already outnumbered IT practitioners (i.e. SEO Specialists like me, and other web evangelists) in such tech conferences. In fact, those who were asking challenging questions from the speakers were the non-tech entrepreneurs. This is a good sign that the Philippine market community is growing fond of embracing the benefits technology like the Internet can offer.

To name some of the goodies one can enjoy now that the web is steadily becoming a vital part of doing business, check out my Top 10 list of the Advantages of being a Netpreneur:

1. Reduce advertising cost via Pay-per-click marketing, rather than doing “Traditional Marketing” (i.e. tv, print, radio, events, etc.)

2. Earn extra income through affiliate marketing – earning money when you make your site visitors click on affiliate ads. See more of that here.

3. Experience a steady source of income though the Google Adsense Program – you earn from Google each time visitors click on your Google-sponsored Ads.

4. Reduce operating cost as you set up a virtual store online – no need to get heavy capital when you set up a physical store.

5. Do business at the comforts of your own home. – this is what I love most about the Internet. I’ve been getting orders and selling goods right here in my own home. Thanks to

6. Do some sideline by being a Problogger, or Web Copywriter-for-hire
7. Do 24-hour customer service via online chat synchronized with your mobile phone!

8. Efficiently track results and returns on investment via various paid advertising platforms. Finally, you can now statistically measure branding and the effects of advertising.

9. Get a chance to be featured in blogs, magazines, and TV shows for being one of the pioneers in doing business through the Internet (we are only a handful here in the Philippines) – that’s free advertising for you, too!

10. And finally, become financially independent without taking too much risk while ROI time comes to you sooner as compared to just doing business without tapping the Internet.
Make technology work for your advantage. It is actually easier than you thought. With so much help Filipinos can get from private sectors like Globe Philippines’ SME initiatives, one can have some business running towards success!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

This post is for you if you are:
  • a blogger (or a blogger-wanna-be!)
  • someone who can do conversational-type of writing
  • scans a web page rather than reading it
  • updated with the interest of a particular audience group
  • passionate to earn money from the web
Then freelance web writing is for you!
Here are the top websites where you can find hundreds of writing gigs:
PS: Just be careful of scammers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Pinoy Food Cart Specialist (no scam here,promise!)

From now on, this is a dedicated blog for the Pinoy entrepreneur-wanna-be.

For this issue, I’m writing about one of the most popular business ventures that Filipinos are getting into… and sadly, one of the top causes of financial downfall, as well. It’s the franchise business!

Some franchising companies are known to be notorious usurpers – charging sky-rocketing franchise/royalty fees. How long should you wait before hitting ROI?

Good thing, there is a food cart specialist who will not just help us own a physical food cart/kiosk (not to mention the complete food equipment too!), but also offers training services on how to run a food cart business. This isn’t another scam. You run your own biz, minus the royalty or franchising fees that bring headaches!

Wysnki Enterprise for your Food Cart Business
Get your own food cart or kiosk for as low as 6,000 pesos! Other packages have price ranges from 12K, 20K, 35K, 50K. It depends on the services you will avail of (for example: training on how to run the biz; or cooking recipe, etc.).

Wynski Foodcart Specialist also accepts custom food carts. Actually, that is one of our options now. My family and I are conceptualizing the design and products to offer in our soon to be custom-made food cart business. Thank God we are finally blessed with a site to begin with.

God-given Biz
I believe that the Lord has lead us to this Foodcart Specialist group, Wynski. We were actually talking with other franchising companies but nothing materialized. It was a family friend who recommended Wynski Enterprises to us. Now we are saved from high set up costs and franchising fees. When you check out these scam companies, you might find that a franchise will cost you P80,000 to P100,000 (or even up to 400 dollars!). So beware!

Of course in franchising, the system is of utmost importance. I believe you simply have to do research, seek help from the business mentors, learn from sellers with the same food products as yours, and of course get Wynski to help you out…. And you’re all set baby!

For inquiries, contact:
Ms. Winnie Villegas
Food Cart Specialist: Wynski Enterprises
#991 Aurora Blvd. (between Hi-Top Supermarket and NCBA),
Project 2-3, QC.
Tel: 3815122, 4330592, 4332119
Mobile: 0919 6638181

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home Based Jobs You can Do to Earn Money!

I've been getting a lot of emails for two days ever since I made a comment at Bo Sanchez' post about the Thinking Like an Entrepreneur here. My mail is getting flooded by questions on how to acquire a home-based business or job. Now I know there is really a niche for this segment of the Pinoy population. Everyone is seeking new ways to earn additional income through the Internet. That's good news for us all.

I would just like to give a run-through of some ways on how to earn income online while you're in the comforts of your home. Here are some of them:

1. Write. If you can write in a simple, conversational way, do it! And sign up to paid blogging networks like, or acquire freelance writing jobs at Most of the time you need to have a blog that's been existing for at least 3 months to qualify.

2. Google Adsense. This requires minimal work. If you know how to get visitors to read your website, or even your free blog (like this at, then you can start earning semi-passive income. Just sign up at Make sure you will set up your own space like a blog site here at

3. Answer emails. There are some online companies out there that pay you for answering emails, and surveys. Just search for these at google.

4. Medical Transcription. I think you need to undergo training before you can qualify as a Medical Transcriptionist. Nevertheless, this is a profitable job at home.

5. Start your own home based business. Like what I do, I craft lotions, body washes, body scrubs, etc as party favors, and supplies for willing resellers in other locations. You can do this too. Entrepreneur Magazine has come up with a 1-time issue of the "45 Home Based Business Ideas". Heck, you can even start selling anything at

There you go, hope these tips will help out Bo's avid readers. I'm glad more and more Pinoys are getting into the "Entrepreneurial Spirit!"

God Bless all of our endeavors!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My New Homebased Business: Fruity Scented Lotions!

Because I'm bored at home, and I need to get off the computer naman, I set up my own homebased business! Only that I have to market it online to save on cost! (online na naman! hehe!)

I'm selling home made lotions, body wash collection, and yummy body/foot scrubs. All raw materials are imported from abroad and 100% safe!

Check more pictures at

The lotion line is way much cheaper than what is sold in supermarkets and mall stores - 30% cheaper by the way!

I sell them in pieces, and in bulk (for resellers, salons, etc.)

Why I got into this silliness
Seriously, apart from the desire to have an offline social life, I really do love lotions and other body bath products. When relatives abroad would send gifts, I'd choose lotions over perfume. I just love the scent on my skin!

A must-have lotion bottle
My favorite fragrances are the Vanilla Yum Lotion and the Melon Yum Lotion pieces. Their scents have a perfect blend of mildness and fruity aroma - really yummy and relaxing. Of course, the best sellers would always be the Berry yum (coz it's sweet) and Lavander yum (coz it's calming.. since it has essential oils).

Perfect for your events and souvenirs!
Soon I'll be coming up with a design set for corporate giveaways, and event souvenirs. I can even personalize the lotions, body washes for you.

Had I known how to craft these sweet potions, I should have made these lotion bottles for my 18th birthday instead.

It's easy making these lotion bottles. Next blog post, I'm gonna tell you how...

For details just log on to:
Email me at:
Mobile: 09175230118

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GAP Review Tips at Home

So being at home has a lot of advantages. It reduces your stress levels big time. Imagine being away from Makati traffic, and not getting hassled by everyday what-to-wear thoughts, or is-my-make-up-just-fine sort of issues. I know these ain't big problems, but geez... waking up everyday can be your official stress red button. Hehe!

My topic for today is about reviewing for the GAP exam, or the Google Adwords Professional Exam. Since I am stay-at-home, you would think I would have better concentration, and more time to review for the GAP. Well, at some level yes... but really discipline is my foe. I have to discipline myself to start reading on time, and to cover the topics that I have set to study each day. What with the Internet, TV, and books, not to mention my bed... I could be doing something else after like 10 minutes inside the Adwords Learning Center. Hehe!

Here are a few of the guidelines I've set for myself when reviewing. I've taken down some notes from those who were able to pass the GAP:

1. Study the Adwords Learning Center both text and multimedia lessons
2. Study Adwords Help Center too!
3. Read tips on taking the exam from other GAP professionals
4. Tweak and study your own Adwords account
5. Take down notes of important features and special numbers

And last but not the least, if you're like me who's studying at home, you can choose to abide by some *rules* Haha!

1. Don't watch TV, don't even go near the tube when you're studying
2. Take enough sleep so you won't be as sleepy now... (or don't study beside your bed!)
3. Remember: Inspiration/Motivation is just for amateurs! So get your butt moving haha!
4. Take a break once in a while.. be sure not to overdo it
5. Set a goal for yourself each day.

My former-officemate took the GAP (but he's just too shy to announce that he did pass the exam). I'm not gonna squeal it here... but I hope he can give me some tips, as well.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Help for Typhoon Frank's Calamity Victims

So we have a typhoon hitting the Philippines since yesterday. That’s typhoon Frank. The storm mostly damaged the Visayas region - the Eastern Visayas part. If you’re just at home just like me, it would be nice to allot time for charity. Especially in this situations when our fellow pinoys are in deep flood and hunger.

As of now, we have 21 people dead and 700 missing. In the waters of Sibuyan Island, we have a passenger ferry carrying 600 plus people that sank due to the bad weather condition.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

One advantage of working from home is that you have more time. Make the quantity of time in your hands turn to quality time. Use it for a good purpose. If you wish to help, our media organizations are spearheading outreach campaigns. You may contact ABS-CBN Foundation, of GMA7.

Instead of watching the flood rise in Metro Manila on TV, here are some ways to help out during calamities:

Note: Be sure to do this when the weather is more forgiving in your area, lest you get uncooperative neighbors. Hehe.

  1. Call your neighbors and ask for help in launching this calamity-outreach campaign
  2. Distribute flyers, do the rounds within your village.
  3. Collect canned goods, clothes, medicines, and other things needed during a storm
  4. If possible, involve your baranggay unit officers, or your parish to have more hands to help out.
  5. Contact the media organizations, civil groups, or even the government agencies in your locale that are prepared to distribute the goods to the calamity victims.

Having more time in your hands is an opportunity to help. Make a difference today.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet the Home Buddy

Hi! I'm Romela, a home-based Internet Marketing gal... and a self-confessed home buddy!

Ever since I quit the corporate life, life (and work) have been real amazing! I know a lot of people who are a bit hesitant of leaving their stable office jobs. I'm not one to advocate work resignations here. I just wish to share the fun, the enjoyment, and the challenges (yes there are challenges too), of working from home.

Of course, the best meat of this web blog are the tips on how to make your work at home worth your while :)

Hope you will enjoy your stay in my little web home!

Skinyum Body Food by Romela!