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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GAP Review Tips at Home

So being at home has a lot of advantages. It reduces your stress levels big time. Imagine being away from Makati traffic, and not getting hassled by everyday what-to-wear thoughts, or is-my-make-up-just-fine sort of issues. I know these ain't big problems, but geez... waking up everyday can be your official stress red button. Hehe!

My topic for today is about reviewing for the GAP exam, or the Google Adwords Professional Exam. Since I am stay-at-home, you would think I would have better concentration, and more time to review for the GAP. Well, at some level yes... but really discipline is my foe. I have to discipline myself to start reading on time, and to cover the topics that I have set to study each day. What with the Internet, TV, and books, not to mention my bed... I could be doing something else after like 10 minutes inside the Adwords Learning Center. Hehe!

Here are a few of the guidelines I've set for myself when reviewing. I've taken down some notes from those who were able to pass the GAP:

1. Study the Adwords Learning Center both text and multimedia lessons
2. Study Adwords Help Center too!
3. Read tips on taking the exam from other GAP professionals
4. Tweak and study your own Adwords account
5. Take down notes of important features and special numbers

And last but not the least, if you're like me who's studying at home, you can choose to abide by some *rules* Haha!

1. Don't watch TV, don't even go near the tube when you're studying
2. Take enough sleep so you won't be as sleepy now... (or don't study beside your bed!)
3. Remember: Inspiration/Motivation is just for amateurs! So get your butt moving haha!
4. Take a break once in a while.. be sure not to overdo it
5. Set a goal for yourself each day.

My former-officemate took the GAP (but he's just too shy to announce that he did pass the exam). I'm not gonna squeal it here... but I hope he can give me some tips, as well.

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verabear said...

What's the GAP for?

Thanks for the visit, and the comment. I didn't design my blog but I would seriously love to do so from scratch. It was a template I picked up, ganda no?

I sooo want to quit my job and just earn from home. So what is it that you do? Looking forward to getting to know more of you :)

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