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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

This post is for you if you are:
  • a blogger (or a blogger-wanna-be!)
  • someone who can do conversational-type of writing
  • scans a web page rather than reading it
  • updated with the interest of a particular audience group
  • passionate to earn money from the web
Then freelance web writing is for you!
Here are the top websites where you can find hundreds of writing gigs:
PS: Just be careful of scammers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Pinoy Food Cart Specialist (no scam here,promise!)

From now on, this is a dedicated blog for the Pinoy entrepreneur-wanna-be.

For this issue, I’m writing about one of the most popular business ventures that Filipinos are getting into… and sadly, one of the top causes of financial downfall, as well. It’s the franchise business!

Some franchising companies are known to be notorious usurpers – charging sky-rocketing franchise/royalty fees. How long should you wait before hitting ROI?

Good thing, there is a food cart specialist who will not just help us own a physical food cart/kiosk (not to mention the complete food equipment too!), but also offers training services on how to run a food cart business. This isn’t another scam. You run your own biz, minus the royalty or franchising fees that bring headaches!

Wysnki Enterprise for your Food Cart Business
Get your own food cart or kiosk for as low as 6,000 pesos! Other packages have price ranges from 12K, 20K, 35K, 50K. It depends on the services you will avail of (for example: training on how to run the biz; or cooking recipe, etc.).

Wynski Foodcart Specialist also accepts custom food carts. Actually, that is one of our options now. My family and I are conceptualizing the design and products to offer in our soon to be custom-made food cart business. Thank God we are finally blessed with a site to begin with.

God-given Biz
I believe that the Lord has lead us to this Foodcart Specialist group, Wynski. We were actually talking with other franchising companies but nothing materialized. It was a family friend who recommended Wynski Enterprises to us. Now we are saved from high set up costs and franchising fees. When you check out these scam companies, you might find that a franchise will cost you P80,000 to P100,000 (or even up to 400 dollars!). So beware!

Of course in franchising, the system is of utmost importance. I believe you simply have to do research, seek help from the business mentors, learn from sellers with the same food products as yours, and of course get Wynski to help you out…. And you’re all set baby!

For inquiries, contact:
Ms. Winnie Villegas
Food Cart Specialist: Wynski Enterprises
#991 Aurora Blvd. (between Hi-Top Supermarket and NCBA),
Project 2-3, QC.
Tel: 3815122, 4330592, 4332119
Mobile: 0919 6638181

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